“….most individuals with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia are neither antisocial nor violent…”


Why Math Rules


Here is a good explanation of why a factual and maths based approach works best in problem solving and getting stuff done!

“What is mathematical biology?
It is easy to get lost in the details and idiosyncrasies of biology. Understanding molecular structures and how systems work on a cellular level is important, but this alone will not tell us the whole science story. To achieve this we have to develop our insight and understanding more broadly, and use this to make predictions. Mathematics allows us to do this. Continue reading

Parasite Avoidance Drives Social Behaviors and Culture


“The coevolution of parasite and host has not only influenced the evolution of defense mechanisms but also the evolution of social systems,”

This research suggests that parasites, similarly to kinship ties and social rank, influence mandrill behavior by shaping social dynamics in their group. This study of the evolution of antiparasitic behavior is currently focused on the influence of parasites spread merely by contact. But it could expand its scope to include other mandrill pathogens with different routes of transmission, such as nematodes spread through contact with the environment or retroviruses spread from male to male by biting. Continue reading

Skin Color Fear, “Racism”, Looks Innate


“Infants Show Racial Bias toward Members of Own Race and against Those of Other Races – Researchers report infants show racial bias in favor of members of their own race as early as 6 months old. Continue reading