jesus weeping – “Increased leisure time and reduced labor supply of young men may be partly due to the improved quality of video games.”


Hell: “…the belief that no one can look directly at Auschwitz and remain sane, which is itself but a corruption of the biblical story where God tells Moses that no man may behold God’s face and live.”


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“Decision Making” – Fail


“…fluctuations, which always exist in real physical systems, can be used to solve decision-making [action direction] problems.”

“Decision-making—the ability to choose one path out of several options—is generally considered a cognitive ability possessed by biological systems, but not by physical objects. Now in a new study, researchers have shown that any rigid physical (i.e., non-living) object, such as an iron bar, is capable of decision-making by gaining information from its surroundings accompanied by physical fluctuations.”

“Decision-making is typically thought of as something done by intelligent living things and, in modern times, computers. But over the past several years, researchers have demonstrated that physical objects such as a metal bar, liquids, and lasers can also “make decisions” by responding to feedback from their environments. And they have shown that, in some cases, physical objects can potentially make decisions faster and more accurately than what both humans and computers are capable of.” Continue reading

Epigenetics Fail


“Does the environment actually induce changes in DNA methylation that can be the basis of adaptive change? The evidence for that is virtually nonexistent, for those changes usually disappear after one or a few generations, and thus cannot be the permanent heritable variation required for long-term adaptation.” Continue reading

Baboon Behavior = Follow Everyone Else


Take Away

  • “The inclination to follow other group members is the strongest factor driving the decision-making behaviour of baboons. “
  • “…animals only need a few simple rules to coordinate their group movements, enabling them to organise themselves, and to make decisions…”
  • “…the group structure results from local behavioural principles of individual animals and not from a joint decision taken by the entire group…”
  • “We also observe that the movement rules of baboons, and how they make decisions, very much resembles the decision processes found in schools of fish and flocks of birds.”
  • “…baboons are inclined to follow the majority…”

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