“Male brains ‘overwhelmed’ in multitasking test: study”


…a tricky brain-teaser throws off men’s walking gait but leaves most women unfazed…On a treadmill, men—and women over 60—started swinging their right arm less while grappling with a complicated language test…Language function and right arm swing are both thought to be controlled mainly by the brain’s left hemisphere.“Women under 60 seemed to be resistant to this effect, as they were able to perform the verbal task with no change in arm swing…In men and older women, the verbal task appears to overwhelm the left brain to the extent that the movement of the arm on the right is reduced.”

The “unexpected” findings were published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. “We were surprised to find such a consistent gender difference in how two relatively simple behaviours—cognitive control and arm swing—interact with one another,”

“Ha ha! I think this shows that younger women may be able to resist interference of these two fairly specific behaviours,”

The fact that women over 60 lose the capacity may provide a clue as to its origin, the researchers said. Brain receptors of the female hormone oestrogen may get a bigger boost in younger women, who have more of it. “Alternatively, women are often shown to have somewhat better verbal skills than men” and may find the Stroop test easier…”However, this does not explain why older women revert to the ‘male pattern’ after 60.”

Read more at: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-01-male-brains-overwhelmed-multitasking.html#jCp


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