There Are No ideological Solutions to Public Health Problems


Public health problems need actual, real world physical stuff and treatments, not just words.  Words are not magical cures for anything….

It is Western pop culture, which largely includes politics and academics, that problems can be solved by changes in ideology.  Ideology is, operationally, just statements and claims using everyday language.  Thus, ideological change must be a societal wide “talking cure” similar to the Freudian invention of psychodynamic treatment.

“Talking cures” for public health problems, probably won’t work!

The idea that any sort of progress in human health must include ideological changes is absurd, if not impossible.  Operationally, ideological change just means individuals will make different kinds of claims and statements using everyday language.  Those individual written and verbal behaviors get summed-up into what is called pop culture.

Whether or not verbal behavior causes, or even correlates, with actual behaviors is unknown and a scientific question that needs study.  Certainly, and practically, pollsters, market researchers and other professionals know that what individuals do and say is very different and what pop culture does adn what happens is equally uncertain.



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