Popular Science/Educating the Public is Probably Impossible and Causes Blowback and Anti-Science/Anti-Intellectualism Attacks and Policies


Good science and technical knowledge always challenges power and power will always fight back – dirty.

The take over of many State’s and the national government by deeply conservative politics and politicians who promote anti-science and anti-intellectual behaviors is proof that the decades of pop science educational efforts are probably not only a waste of time and resources but counterproductive and actually cause attacks on science, facts and the scientists and professional intellectuals who produce the new knowledge. Continue reading

The “Republican Party has become an insurgent outlier—ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherited social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition. When one party moves this far from the center of American politics, it is extremely difficult to enact policies responsive to the country’s most pressing challenges.”


‘“truthiness” …the truth that “comes from the gut,” not from actual facts—“the truth we want to exist,” that feels right.’


What is it about Republicans that seems to make them more credulous to fake news than Democrats?…susceptibility to fake news has its particular historical origin in Christian fundamentalism’s rejection of expert elites.

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