Ethnic Differences in Serious Psychological Distress

  • The prevalence of past year serious psychological distress (SPD) was significantly different across the five racial/ethnic groups (p=0.000), with American Indians/Alaska Natives having the highest prevalence (18.2%) and Asians having the lowest prevalence (2.6%).
  • Disability was significantly associated with prevalence of SPD in all five racial/ethnic groups (all ps<0.05).
  • Impairments caused by past year SPD did not significantly differ across the five racial/ethnic groups, but overall functional impairments caused by SPD were highest among Whites and lowest among Latinos.
  • Racial/ethnic–specific correlates of past year SPD for Asians were lower educational attainment (OR=0.71, 95% CI=0.55–0.92) and for African Americans, a greater number of chronic diseases (OR=2.35, 95% CI=1.55–3.54).

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