Yea baby! “Progress in clinical and affective neuroscience is redefining psychiatric illness as symptomatic expression of [largely genetic and inherited] cellular/molecular dysfunctions in specific brain circuits”


The past two decades have witnessed a fundamental transformation in our understanding and conceptualization of psychopathology. Cultural, clinical, and scientific perspectives increasingly converge on a view of psychiatric disorders as dysfunction within specific components of the CNS, rather than ‘‘functional’’ disorders unrelated to neurobiological substrates.

This shift has forced theoretical approaches to grapple with the biological underpinning of psychological processes, grounding our models of illness in growing understanding of neural circuits, cellular mechanisms and molecular processes.., we will do better when we can target precisely defined dysregulations within specific neural circuits sub-serving particular, mechanistically relevant brain functions. As we identify underlying mechanisms rooted in specific neural circuits, diagnostic precision will sharpen and our ability to ‘‘personalize’’ interventions will be enhanced.


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