Sam Harris, Jerry Coyne, “Atheist” Fail – Again. No “Free Will” But Reeducate Islam!? Huh??


Talking out of many sides of their mouths the most pop atheists accept no free will and conscious control over behavior but continue to “pretend” that right thining and “enlightenment values” will have any effect on so-called, “terrorism.”  Good grief…

Coyne, for example says in current post – “You can’t bomb militant Islamism out of existence, and national security can never stop all attacks. The only solution is to encourage all Muslims to reject the militant version of their faith, and that, of course, involves not only action on the part of Muslims themselves, but an explicit recognition that much of the problem is connected with religion.”

Would Dr. Coyne suggest the Muslims “reject…their faith…”using free will and some kinda indeterminate/immaterial brain process?  Gee, what a revolutionary discovery!  Just like voodoo and the religious beliefs they dismiss….duh


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