The “Flat Earth” Beliefs of Neuroscience, Human Behavior and “Consciousness”


Our brains default to believing whatever is easiest to perceive and, we may assume, communicate.  Subjective intuition and naïve realism is institutionalized into our everyday language and pop culture.  There is a tyranny and childish petulance in our insistence that “What we see/hear/think-say is what we get.”Nothing generates a faster and deeper fear and anger response than questioning intuitive ideas, human exceptionalism and the presumption that what we say is an accurate representation of how our brain works and for our own behavior – and that of others.  The vast systems of religious-magical beliefs and false claims shows the universal power of these false perceptions.

These are similar to flat earth and geocentric views of the universe.  The pop culture ego and “I” is the center of my universe, all knowing and all powerful in controlling my body, movements and the world around me AND those of the other “me’s” around me.

This does vary by cultures and Asian and more communal cultures do not share such powerful beliefs in the individual ego.

Progress in human knowledge and facts, pretty much exclusively via what is called “science” and is really experimentally based data predicting measurable events in the future, has been the trashing of intuition and subjective beliefs – as expressed using everyday language.  There is, however, a rationality in presuming that our subjective experience and intuition, of the moment, as expressed in everyday language is right.  Usually, it probably is or doesn’t matter.

In 99.999% of everyone’s experience, the earth is flat, the earth is the center of the universe and believing in magic, the central beliefs are “Mind over matter.” and “Action at a distance.” are workable or don’t cause harm.

The problem comes with professional work and problem solving.  So, lawyers, doctors, accountants, business people, policy makers, engineers and pilots can’t trust subjectivity and intuition.

When we are walking down the street or driving or sitting at home watching TV, sure the earth is “flat.”  When we are flying across the ocean or managing global communications….


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