“The Brain, Behavior and Business” – Book Project Brief – “B3”


The Brain, Behavior and Business (B3) Professional Problem-Solving Using the Best New Brain Science

Compelling Emotional Promise/Appeal/”Hook” – B3 is your one source for current and future best knowledge and practices in brain science applied to your professional work.

“Attending the World Economic Forum this past week, I was struck by two trends. The first was that brain research has emerged as a hot topic. Not only was brain science or brain health a new theme at the meeting, research on the brain emerged in discussions about next generation computing, global cooperation, and even models of economic development as well as being linked to mental health or mindfulness. In a meeting frequented largely by economists and business leaders, I was surprised by the number of non-scientists who have become enchanted by brain science. Clearly this is the era of the brain, with mental health now part of a much broader discussion.” Head of The National Institutes of Mental Health

The Brain, Behavior and Business (B3) Book Project Brief

Project Vision

B3 is a primer and “how-to” manual on the newest and best brain and behavior science for senior problem-solvers in business, the professions and policy. It is the opposite of a book for “dummies” and not targeting the general public. It is strongly anti-pop(ular) science and culture.  This is “evergreen” information and intellectual property created for senior leaders and decision makers.

Readers will get:

  • Basic brain and behavior facts
  • Principles of the biology and physiology
  • Targeted recommendations for practical application to current problem-solving, today

B3 – Current, Curated and Compulsory Knowledge

Senior leaders need to have the best evidence-based knowledge to solve problems in their work. Whether it is growing a business, managing complexity or addressing serious and critical stakeholder and client problems –most problems now are mainly problems of behavior.  Brain science is very good and getting better – at an accelerating pace. For the first time in human history we now have real facts, data and experimental knowledge about what causes behavior.  But the information is a bit complex and difficult to acquire through self-study.

B3 offers the serious professional a knowledgebase of relevant facts, data, principles and research and a filter of weak ideas. It is a “one-stop” location for the best and most useable information.

Book Outline

Introduction – Brain Science Changes Everything
Why problem-solvers and senior leaders in business, the professions and policy need to understand the best and newest brain and behavior science – separate from popular culture and media reports and in a curated way that filters out bad ideas.

Part One –  Executive Summary

  • Chapter 1 – State of the Brain and Behavioral Science and Art
  • Chapter 2 – Topline: From Medical Facts to Professional Principals

    Part Two – Business, Professional and Policy Problem Solving

  • Chapter 3 – For Business
  • Chapter 4 – For Professionals
  • Chapter 5 – For Policy and Non Profits
  • Chapter 6 – Functional Topics  Part Three – State of the Science
  • Chapter 6– Biology Basics
  • Chapter 7 – Body, Brain and Behavior Basics
  • Chapter 8 – Medical Physiology of the Brain
  • Chapter 9 – Neurotransmission:
  • How Stuff Gets Done

    Part Four – Special Topics
    This section will cover specialized professional topics Appendices: Advanced Topics:

    The Geeky Stuff
    The complex science and technical details will go into the back of the book for reference. Deliverables B3 will be published and distributed through the web and available along with regularly updated content and additional services and offerings.


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