Sick, Not a “Terrorist”:Orlando Killer – Seriously Mentally Ill Since Childhood


This guy had very serious conduct disorder as a little kid and all thru school.  Of course, he got no treatment, but had no problem buying military grade guns and ammo.

  • “Teachers gave a troubling portrait of Omar Mateen while he was in school
  • In third grade he talked much ‘about violence and sex,’ a report stated 
  • In middle and high school he was suspended for fights or other problems

At the same time new research is coming out on how broken these boys brain are early in life….

“…teens with serious antisocial behavioral problems have significant differences in brain structure than their peers.

The brains of teenagers with serious antisocial behaviour problems differ significantly in structure to those of their peers, providing the clearest evidence to date that their behaviour stems from changes in brain development in early life…

…the brain structure of male adolescents and young adults who had been diagnosed with conduct disorder – persistent behavioural problems including aggressive and destructive behaviour, lying and stealing, and for older children, weapon use or staying out all night.

“There’s evidence already of differences in the brains of individuals with serious behavioural problems…But conduct disorder is a complex behavioural disorder, so likewise we would expect the changes to be more complex in nature and to potentially involve other brain regions.”

…youths with childhood-onset conduct disorder (sometimes termed ‘early-starters’) showed a strikingly higher number of significant correlations in thickness between regions relative to the controls. They believe this may reflect disruptions in the normal pattern of brain development in childhood or adolescence.

“The differences that we see between healthy teenagers and those with both forms of conduct disorders show that most of the brain is involved, but particularly the frontal and temporal regions of the brain…This provides extremely compelling evidence that conduct disorder is a real psychiatric disorder and not, as some experts maintain, just an exaggerated form of teenage rebellion.

“There’s never been any doubt that conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease are diseases of the brain because imaging allows us to see clearly how it eats away at the brain…but until now we haven’t been able to see the clear – and widespread – structural differences in the brains of youths with conduct disorder.”

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