The Universe Is Complicated But Not Infinitely So


Plus, human perception is limited…

But even though we have a potentially infinite space to look out to and measure, there are still some limits to what we will be able to learn.

Now, physicists have warned we could be getting close to knowing everything we may ever know about certain traits of our universe, without ever understanding everything…The formation of galaxies (pictured) and the evolution of the universe can be simplified into a model that relies on just six numbers, and it is with these numbers we will eventually ‘hit a wall’ with, according to researchers


The number of dimensions we live in: three.
The ratio of the strength of gravity to that of electromagnetism.
The ratio of mass lost to energy when hydrogen is fused to form helium.
The amount of dark matter.
The cosmological constant, the value of the energy density of the vacuum of space.
The scale at which the universe looks smooth.

That means if the Big Bang was to happen all over again, because of the consistency of these numbers, the universe would end up looking almost exactly the same.

‘One can consider that the information contained in the data is compressed down to the combined constraints on these cosmological parameters,’…Such precision puts tight constraints on the six numbers.

Future measurements will be even more accurate than the ones we have now, locking the numbers in even more. But our measurements of the CMB can’t improve forever, the researchers said.

The researchers also pointed out all of the large-scale things we measure about the universe have the same behaviour…They said there will always be some fundamental limit to how spread out the values of that thing can be, and that limit restricts how well we can nail down the numbers that describe the universe as a whole. We do not know how long we have before cosmology hits walls for all of the different ways of measuring the universe, but it will probably be a very long time, according to the paper.


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