New Book Project Launched: B3: “The Brain, Behavior and Business”


We are launching a new book project “The Brain, Behavior and Your Business.”   A brief description if below.  Ideas welcome.

Book Project Brief: “The Brain, Behavior and Your Business” (B3)
Applying the Best Brain Science to Business, Policy and Professional Problem Solving at Your Work

USP: Your one source for current and future best knowledge and practices in brain science applied to your professional work.

I.  Overview – The Professional’s Primer on the Brain and Behavior
You are very smart and already successful professional, senior leader and decision-maker. How you get better from here depends on knowing more than others – and more than you know now. Perhaps, a lot more. The winner is the one with the best information and there is no better information than the best brain science – but you need an expert source and guide. II.  Target Audience
The treaders are smart, well educated professionals, executives and decision makers in business, academics and policy. Our market includes: attorneys, accountants, bankers, financial services, salesmen and marketers, ad executives, medical professionals, political professionals, C-suite, executives and decision makers and policy makers in governments at all levels. Anyone who wants the best, current academic and scientific information to apply to their work.

As service business, the professions and government jobs increase – this is a growing market. A market that is also poorly served by most pop(ular) IP. This IP also has immediate relevance to foundation, not for profit and charitable work.

III. About the Author
I am unique in:

  • Marketing, advertising and communicating skills to promote the book
  • Science and professional credentials as a degreed psychologist from a top university
  • Access to professional and industry networks for promotion
  • Direct access to best brain scientists, academics and labs
  • I do continual direct marketing to these markets

There is a unique opportunity for me, as an experienced business person who truly understands and can critically review and articulate brain science, to establish thought-leadership and a personal and branded franchise in this emerging, very fast growing, area of work-related IP. This book is the place to start.

IV.  Competitive Titles
There is simply no way to any business, policy, profession or work related enterprise and activity to continue to ignore the facts about how the brain causes and controls behavior. Every best seller title and topic can be expanded and made better applying the best brain science.

V.  Marketing and Promotion
The marketing, production and distribution strategy for the B3 IP is very aggressive and ambitious. We set as our goal establishment of market dominance quickly and universally – establishing the premium brand and reputation. We anticipate a “360” licensing and multi-level/media marketing, sponsorship/partner enterprise.

VI.  Content
The book will have three levels of engagement:

  1. Executive Summary – Key principals, bullet points, outline, action items, resources.
  2. The Basics in Behavioral Knowledge – The medical, physiological and biological basics – mainly bullets points and illustrations
  3. State of the Brain/Biological Science – Mainly topical appendices – see attached list. But readable and comprehensible
  4. Technical Topics – Discussion of special technical topics and Appendices

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