Jerry Coyne of “Why Evolution Is True” Has Brain and Empathy Fail…


Jerry Coyne just posted an emphatic and evidence-based commentary on an execution of a brain damaged man.  Opinions he vehemently opposes with religious believers especially “Muslims,” of course.

“…Outrage is not a useful emotion toward someone whose crime probably stemmed from brain damage.

But it’s not a useful emotion to feel towards any crime, although such emotions, and the desire for retribution, may have evolved as a way to protect society from offenders.  But rationality has taken us beyond these primitive feelings: we understand determinism, we understand that people’s actions are completely determined by factors over which they have no control, and we can put aside our childish emotions and adopt a truly humane approach to justice. When we realize that criminals never had a choice, we can then let science rather than knee-jerk reactions guide our actions.”

Source:  Why Evolution is True blog post

….looking at Coyne’s other public writings, he violates his own advice when talking about religious, especially “Muslim”, violence.


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