Oh oh: “Piercings and tattoos: psychopathological aspects”


…individuals with bodily changes express more often self-injurious behavior and show a higher incidence of self-aggressive behavior, of eating disorders and of alcoholism. Moreover, in subjects with piercing there is a greater presence and severity of self-injurious behaviors than…in subjects without body modification and in subjects with tattoos. It proves that in subjects with piercings there is a more controversial relationship with their bodily experience and a higher sensation seeking.

individuals with body modifications have a:

  • negative quality of life
  • reduced social interaction
  • a common attitude to research new sensations (e.g. substance abuse).

The presence of the “sensation seeking” temperamental trait in subjects with body modification…the group with piercings showed more marked
distress conditions highlighting a weak psychological well-being.

…people with tattoos and piercings showed noticeable distress conditions. Moreover,
… piercings and tattoos practice, in addition to an aesthetic purpose, is linked to emotional distress and to the need
of using the body to express concern, discomfort, anger, loneliness.

Subjects with piercings or tattoos showed a high frequency of deviant behaviors such as drug use, alcoholabuse, reckless driving, preventing wounds from healing, health deterioration, unusual sexual practices and desire to self harm. The study indicated that people with tattoos are characterized by the use of substances, alcohol abuse, reckless driving, unusual sex while people with piercings seem to be more engaged in preventing wounds from healing, worse health conditions, drugs abuse and self-harm…tattooing were significantly associated with use of substances, unusual sex, violent attitudes and problems in school such as truancy.

..clearly shows a significant relationship between piercing and tattoo groups and psychological distress. As regards dissociative disorder evaluation…a significant trend towards dissociative disorders in the patients with piercings and tattoos.


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