“Generalized [brain reaction time] slowing characterizes aging and there is some evidence to suggest that this slowing already starts at midlife…already at mid-life response preparation is seriously declined…”


With increasing age cognitive performance slows down, including cognitive processes essential for motor performance.  Additionally, performance of motor tasks becomes less automatic and requires increased attentional demands in older subjects (57–75 years;


Atheists Get It Wrong Again…Personal Religious Beliefs Prob Don’t Matter, Are Cheap Self-Medication and Who Cares Anyway?


Firstly, with no free will a medical fact, what ppl say prob has little, if any influence on what they do.  Esp, when the statements involve magical beings, powers and beliefs, like a god, deamons, the tooth fairy.  Our magical minds ‘say” we believe all sorts of silly stuff – mainly silly stuff.  But human behavior is spot-on to the point of there being 7B++.  So silly magical beliefs likely have little impact on everyday behavior – or at least it needs to be rigorously and experimentally tested. Continue reading

“Our findings suggest that when the brain embraces truth, it does so in a graded way so that even a binary [yes/no, true/false, left/right] choice leaves in its wake a quantity that represents a degree of belief. The neural mechanism of decision making doesn’t flip into a fixed point, but instead approximates a probability distribution.”


Read more at: http://phys.org/news160925013.html#jCp

Towards a Model of Unconscious Behavior…..


The medical facts and experimental bench science evidence is stronger daily – there is no free will and conscious choice in human behavior, any more so than in other animals.  Behavior is way to important for evolution and life to have to wait and evolve 3B years for consciousness, subjective experience and language to be needed to act effectively in the world!  duh

So, how do we start to, from the bottom up, build a model of behavior – across species – that can describe and maybe some day explain human behavior accepting the medical fact of no free will and the epiphenomenality of subjective experience and everyday language?  Hmmmmm? Continue reading