Awesum New Kickstarter Project: “Brain Molecule Marketing™ – A (real) Brain Based, No BS Business Book” At Last!


Brain Molecule Marketing: The Latest Brain Research for Profit (and Some Fun) — An interactive e-book or “Techbook” – using the latest digital technology to make a (somewhat) complicated topic come alive!  It comes with all the Internet frills.

Why you want to send in your money to join our project:

  • You will have fun
  • You will learn – a lot
  • You will be able to apply it to your work and life
  • It may be the 1st Kickstarter project to combine tech > publishing > science into Kickstarter’s first Techbook
  • Fabulous Rewards
  • You will become an official Brain Geek and Kool Kid
  • Be the envy of your cubicle

“So much science, so little time.”  $Trillions$ of dollars are spent trying to communicate and change stuff in marketing, sales and business.  But, effectively, no one making those spending decisions knows the 1st thing about how the brain works during communications!  Hint#1:  It’s all about changing the molecules in our brains.  Thus, the book and project title.

If the molecules don’t change in the brain – ain’t gonna be no change in behavior = Money/time wasted.  Same with marketing, business and policy.

So we are going to write a serious e-book on the topic and start by trying to get Kickstarter funding.  Crowdfunding avoids conflicts, allows more transparency and honesty and helps to create something the market (that’s YOU) really wants and can use.  It can be done!

We are also following in the footsteps of the masters such as Seth Godin and his instantly successful Icarus Deception Project and the revolutionary Amanda Palmer.  They are mega stars.  We also want to build a new community and tribe around taking the best brain science and communicating it professionally and seriously — with humor, of course.  Pretty idealistic and ambitious, huh?  But you know, the best science, business, blogging (and Kickstarter itself) is always ridiculously ambitious and idealistic.

Brain Science Needs YOU!!  YOUR BRAIN NEEDS YOU!!  duh  (rofl, now that is too funni!! sorry brain geek humor).

BTW, if you come along you will be an OFFICIAL BRAIN GEEK (red color triggers brain molecules for urgency) and get a kool t-shirt, bumper sticker and sno-globe.  The sno-globe is a little brain with  molecules floating around – dopamine (the Bad Boy/Girl of brain molecules!!), GABA, serotonin, etc – it’s festive and the perfect gift…..for some one….maybe

Read on, for the chance of a lifetime…

(There is no shame in this!)

The Mission (and this includes YOU)
We will present the latest and best brain science in an accessible practical style that can allow insights to be applied to everyday business, marketing and your life.

The Problem
The facts are:

  • If you want to change anything in anyone else (and yourself) – you gotta go for molecular change in the brain.  We know this now.  Sounds geeky and impossible but it’s not.  But you need sort of an instruction manual.
  • $Trillions$ (that’s a “T”) of dollars are spent, and vast enterprises exist, to “communicate” with customers and other stakeholders yet the professionals doing this work know nothing about how communication truly works in the brain. Hint: Yes, the human brain (like the heart and kidney) is pretty much the same around the world, duh. Animal brains are pretty similar as well, of course.

Now it is understandable that pretty much no professional communicator, executive, business or individual knows anything about how communications actually works in the brain – this data is brand new in many cases and pretty geeky.  Hint: Song birds and bacteria teach us a lot!

The Solution
You and I are going to write an e-book – “Brain Molecule Marketing” that is a primer on using the latest brain research for fun and profit (well, I’m going to do the writing!).  The book will deliver:

  1. The best recent science and interviews with primary researchers
  2. Hints, suggestions and ideas for how this best science applies to marketing and business and personal and social life. No false claims or promises. (See topic list below) Kind of a “How To”
  3. If we get the funding we will expand the breadth of distributing and communicating the content and depth of information. We want to make this a fully interactive e-book as well but need the money.

Do we want to create a NYT Bestseller “airport business book!?” (and accompanying video(s)? Darn straight! Do we (all) want to create the first Kickstarter funded NYT Bestseller and “airport business book!? Darn skippy!

But realistically, this will not be a bestseller because good science is hard to understand and even hared to use. Also, bestsellers typically tell people what they already know, believe and want to hear. So YOU and Kickstarter area much better option since with a community funding this we can be transparent, honest and not have to play to pop media interests.

Do we want to debunk and challenge just about every business of current marketing and business ideology and set of (non-evidence-based) beliefs!? Ooooh yeah! But you gotta help!


The Problem: > Great Brain Science, < Writing on It that Is Understandable and Translatable to Business and Life
We are all very lucky to live at the dawning of the new age of brain research. For the first time in history, medical science in unraveling the drivers of behavior, perceptions, thoughts and culture. This changes everything.

The science is accelerating and new technologies are coming on-line to study the brain. fMRI technology is now well established and new approaches are being developed.

At the same time journalists and writers are struggling, we think too much, to make science pop(ular).  That’s also to be expected, they tried to pioneer writing about a pioneering body of science.

In fairness, this is pretty normal for new ideas, science, etc. But now we can move on.   Business knowledge and especially so called “leadership” and marketing literature is composed of  beliefs and ideologies with no fact basis.

But the science is clear – any change in behavior has to come from changes in the molecules of the brain. Sure, it is complicated but not infinitely so. Yes, the science is a bit of a slog – but well worth the effort. This will not be a book however for “Dummies.” There are lots of those already and more coming. lol

Bottom line – Let’s you and I change this and create a good book that includes the best science and a pretty good explanation of why it matters. Hi tech and hi touch.

This is A Passion Project (Sure) But Also Hard Headed, Science Based and Immediately Practical
About 8 years ago, I became challenged by the problem of people making consistently bad investment decisions that hurt themselves and their families. This is a growing problem — especially for retirees. And the largest generation in history is getting ready to retire – en masse.

In many ways this is THE major business, policy and marketing-communications problem of global society and business. If Individuals can’t be helped to better protect their investments, especially their life savings for retirement — there are going to be a lot of problems.We are not going to save the world with this book/Techbook/DVD/audiobook project but you can help form a community that starts to understand how the latest brain science can help, be MUCH better communicated and get suggestions for practical applications in all of our lives.

“Molecular Marketing: Practical Uses for the Latest Brain Research”
Aside from being onomatopoetic, and thus easy to say and remember, MM quickly conveys that we understand that all human(or other animal) communication, for any kind of project and activity, is all about changing molecules in the synapses of other people’s (mainly stranger’s) brains.

Help me form a community to explore the latest brain research and work to distill practical recommendations to marketing, business and creative endeavors.

  • “Marketing” means any kind of communications. Business, social/personal or creative activities
  • “Molecule” means that….If you are an artist…. If you are socializing… If you are a business person… If you have a marketing or sales project…. If you want to communicate anything….. You want to change the molecules in the brains of your audience-listeners-clients-co-workers-etc.

Now if this fact seems uncomfortable, outrageous, strange, false or just interesting to you — you belong on the team!  You will learn – a lot. Promise. Plus, you will have direct input into the information gathering and writing/reporting.

This project will not sugar coat or dum-down the science. It will challenge you. But the project’s mission is to make the least and best science accessible.

That is probably idealistic — but wot the heck! Isn’t that what we’re all on Kickstarter for!?

Questions we want to answer include:

  • How does the brain drive purposeful behavior in social interactions, creative production
  • and communication and business marketing and communications?
  • What are the practical findings beyond the pop science journalism.
  • How can current knowledge be applied to our personal, business and creative lives?

My Credentials – But It’s Gonna Take a Community
I am a pro marketer that works in financial services. I am also a semi-pro singer-songwriter. I have a Masters degree in Psychology from University of Chicago. My resume is posted on the project website.

I have studied this topic intensely for decades.

  • I am a complete geek about everything to do with cognitive neuroscience and extremely irritating to my friends.
  • I created and moderate two Linked In groups devoted to brain and neuromarketing and business
  • Created the first and only neuroscience Meet Up group in the country
  • Am considered an “expert” on neuroscience and marketing and financial services
  • I have a Masters in Developmental Psychology from University of Chicago
  • I am involved in professional projects to apply the latest brain science to matters such as financial education in retirement with retirees

I am also a tireless debunker of silly claims and hype around neuroscience, behavioral economics and neuromarketing (which is mainly a sales scam.). Reality Check: Brain science (Cognitive Neuroscience) is is probably decades away from being able to mind-read and get people to buy stuff.

However, the latest science is very good and getting much better at a remarkable velocity. Now, is a good time to take stock and start work to apply to specific needs and areas.

My Writing Style and Emerging New Media Producer
My writing style is as you see it here. Quick ideas and some geeky stuff. Irritating sense of humor. No lectures or heavy handed prose. Deeply irreverent. NOT preachy but very determined and committed to making the best science useful – for fun and profit.

If this description of the project irritates you Fugetaboutit!!!…the book will drive you (more) crazie.  Also the purposeful misspellings.

Compulsive curiosity and dedication to endless of hours of reading, doubt and self-depreciation are necessary characteristics of good science. Fortunately for YOU, I do the hard reading/listening/watching (which MY brain loves) so YOU don’t have to! Pretty good deal, huh?

Serious writing and study of the best science demands a strong critical thinking commitment.

Bonus!! If you join our team you will have some editorial input. What do you want to know about – aside from the things that drive you’re weird relatives!? My work is also fully transparent and free of conflicts – always.

Will we expand the book into video? Sure, if you want. Also, I’ll come to your town and stand up and deliver a nifty power point presentation? If you want to fund it, of course. It’s all up to you.

Here’s what we need the money for:

  • Research, travel and interviews/conferences
  • Living expenses while writing
  • DVD and audio book production
  • Marketing and promotional campaign
  • Assistance for production activities
  • Local events – where you will be a VIP
  • Full social media build out. We want this information to be accessible as widely as possible.
  • Create a public speaking and educational offering
  • Occasional stiff drinks, Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms, chocolate milk (yes, there is a brain molecule for chocolate craving!!) and deep crust frozen pizza

The Techbook Format
We admit it — this is very ambitious.  And experimental.  But isn’t that what Kickstarter is for?  Brain science is perfect for an interactive learning format.  We will also do a paper version.   We can’t say how much it will cost but let’s see how much money you want to contribute and then do a budget from there.

If we get the minimum amount of money we’ll just do the e-book and that is fine. If we get more we’ll do more travel and interviews (staying at Motel 6) the DVD, audio books, etc, plus events in major metro areas. Overseas, if you want. Do they have Motel 6’s overseas?  If I win the lottery, which I don’t play which apparently does not diminish your odds, I’ll still do the book and move up to Holiday Express and splurge on mini-bar nuts.  Living large!!  So there.

Bottom line — this is an important project but I can’t do it alone.  Your brain needs YOU!!


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