Reason is the slave of the passions but the passions are ultimately rational — a deep rational


There is increasing scientific evidence debunking the classical economic model of behavioral “irrationality” and the contra-emotion view of behavioral drives and decision-making.  The challenges come from adaptive/evolutionary biological and neuro/brain processes models, experiments and research.  In our work, we find this view much more practical and productive than the “irrationality” one. 

from Prof. Doug Kenrick video presentation at UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution and Culture on iTunes.

In a “dating and mating” mode: men shift spending to more conspicuous consumptions/displ


The evolutionary rationale could be that each gender is displaying the key qualities most useful to successfully having and raising children: resources/money for men and care-taking behavior for women.  These are core motives and behavior drivers useful to remember in some financial matters, drivers and behaviors.

Attention, encoding and retrieval are the “slaves” of the limbic system – functionally m


This suggests that internal, largely inherited and unconscious brains processes, may determine behavior more than consciously perceived and processed external experience and events.  The limbic system also “acts” in milliseconds so is reflexive, impulsive/compulsive and instantaneous.