How One Foundation Created Behavioral Economics

A Sense of Mission: The Alfred P. Sloan and
Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Program (1984-1992)

Floris Heukelom
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Radboud University Nijmegen

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The Human Brian is Just Bigger Not Special or Exceptional

The myth of human biological and brain specialness, called exceptionalism, is used as the basis for most of modern and pop psychology and neuro-stuff.   It is not only wrong but badly wrong and dishonestly misleading.  it is also an obstacle to good new ideas and waste of lots of time and research money.  But since this set of false beliefs fits our magical cultural beliefs in humans being special it sells really well.  Bad ideas that lie about things wish to be true always are popular.

A new study however, is a first stake in the hear of this zombie and undead idea below is a digest of some of the paper. Continue reading

Brain science is REALLY hard – e.g., “Computation of motion in the fly brain more complex than previously believed.” !!?? Crud…and this is the FLY brain.

Sweet lord, hard to imagine how much more complex brain and behavior processes are in vertrbrates, mammals, primates……humans… humans…ugh.

“”Students who are regularly on social media are, of course, losing time that could be spent on study — but it may also indicate that they are struggling with maths, reading and science and are going online to socialise instead.”

Indigenous students or those from minority ethnic or linguistic groups were also at greater risk of falling behind than those using Facebook or chat every day.