Principles of Knowledge That Works to Solve Problems…

  1. “There is only one world: the natural world.
  2. The world evolves according to unbroken patterns, the laws of nature
  3. The only reliable way of learning about the world is by observing it.”

“People who are more avoidant of pathogens are more politically conservative, as are nations with greater parasite stress.”


We find that national parasite stress and individual disgust sensitivity relate more strongly to adherence to traditional norms than they relate to support for barriers between social groups. These results suggest that the relationship between pathogens and politics reflects intragroup motivations more than intergroup motivations. Continue reading

International Brain Station


“elevate brain science as a foreign policy priority. The world confronts tremendous social and economic burdens derived from brain diseases, with an estimated global cost of $6 trillion USD spent on issues related to mental illness alone by 2030.
Continue reading

Cocaine Changes Dopamine Circuts


Potentiation of excitatory inputs onto dopamine neurons of the ventral tegmental area (VTA) induced by cocaine exposure allows remodeling of the mesocorticolimbic circuitry, which ultimately drives drug-adaptive behavior… Continue reading